Project-G Open House / Feb 12, 2012

Hello Everybody! It’s been months since we’ve posted anything on our blog, we’ve been really busy moving into our new spot and finally were able to do a GRAND OPENING/OPEN HOUSE/Meet/BBQ. It was a wonderful turnout. More than one person counted over 100 cars just in our complex parking lot alone. The line of parked […]

Sideways Sundays 10/23/11 @ Irwindale Spedway

SidewaysSundays 10/23/11   This is our first time covering Sideways Sundays. It was a nice day, even at the hottest time of day, it was bearable! We saw a big community of drifting S13/S14’s out there today. As well as a few Miata’s that tore it up!   Falken brought out a few of their […]