G-Paint 12oz Spray Can – Premixed Color Matched Single Stage Touchup Spray Paint (PPG Paint)


G-Paint – Premixed Color Matched Single Stage Touchup Spray Paint (PPG Paint) 12oz

12oz Can

$25 each can
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1989-2005 Mazda Miata (NA/NB)

Have you ever purchased a small wing or a replacement mirror? Is the color off or faded? Taking your car to the body shop means downtime without a car as well as hundreds of dollars. Our G-Paint is premixed off Mazda’s paint code using PPG paint and then transferred into an easy spray paint can. Our 12oz cans features quite a bit more paint than your traditional Rusteloleum cans at Home Depot.

There is no more “close enough” shades of paint. These are an exact match. Spraying your trunk lid or the top of your bumper might fix that little eyesore area on your car.

Typically, 1 can is more than enough for a big touch up job. You will need basic paint prep and primer skills to use this. Since this is automotive grade paint, it is UV stable as well as color sandable. You can wax it and buff it out like regular car paint because it IS regular car paint.

There are many youtube videos that will show you how to sand and prep an area for paint. You can use bondo and primer to prep the area. If you choose to spray this onto a non primered area, you may risk the original color showing through.

This PPG spray paint is thinned out and ready to use. We have used this on our personal cars.


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Classic Red – SU – 1990-1999, Classic Red – A3E – 2000-2003 (Clearcoat), Mariner Blue – DU – 1990-1993, Crystal White – UC – 1990-1993, Silver Stone Metallic – 3L – 1990-1992 (Clearcoat), British Racing Green (Neo Green) – HU – 1991, 1994-1997, Brilliant Black – PZ – 1992-1999, Brilliant Black – A3F – 2000-2003 (Clearcoat), Sunburst Yellow – HZ – 1992, Laguna Blue Mica – 6W – 1994-1995 (Clearcoat), Chaste White – PT – 1994-1997, Montego Blue Mica – M8 – 1996-1997 (Clearcoat), Marina Green Mica – 13C – 1997 (Clearcoat), Highlight Silver Metallic – 18G – 1999-2000 (Clearcoat), Grace Green Mica – 18J – 1999-2001 (Clearcoat), Chaste White – PT – 1999-2000, Twilight Blue Mica – 12K – 1999-2000 (Clearcoat), Sapphire Blue Mica – 20P – 1999 (Clearcoat), Evolution Orange Mica – 18K – 2000 (Clearcoat), Mahogany Mica – 23E – 2000 (Clearcoat), Crystal Blue Metallic – 23C – 2001-2002 (Clearcoat), Pure White – A3D – 2001-2003 (Clearcoat), Midnight Blue – 22A – 2001-2003 (Clearcoat), Sunlight Silver Metallic – 22V – 2001-2003 (Clearcoat), Emerald Mica – 18J – 2002-2003 (Clearcoat), Blazing Yellow Mica – 26S – 2002 (Clearcoat), Garnet Red Mica – 25F – 2003 (Clearcoat), Tropical Green Mica – 25R – 2003 (Clearcoat), Titanium Grey Metallic – 25G – 2003 (Clearcoat)