G-Fuser System Side Skirts [ Project-G ] – 1990-1997 Mazda Miata


Project-G G-Fuser System for NA
$600 MSRP

Mazda Miata 89-97 (NA)


Side Splitter and Corner Flare combo. The Corner Flare provides an aggressive appearance to the rear fender, accentuating the natural flared appearance of the factory rear fenders. In addition, the Corner Flare also diverts the airflow around the front surface of the tire which is exposed in factory trim with any type of aggressive wheel / tire fitment. The G-Fuser transforms the cute “jelly bean” shape into a mean, street machine.

Project-G has chosen a high impact and abrasion resistant plastic composite for the Side G-Fusers, much more durable than fiberglass or even ABS plastic, to withstand the tortures of everyday driving. Being subjected to the common everyday road hazards. Many different material options were researched and tested before deciding on the final material used. The mounting system consists of a unique bracket system which attaches inboard of the factory pinch weld. This allows the removal of the G-Fuser without leaving any visible traces they were ever installed from the exterior view.

The Side G-Fuser System by Project-G
2 – Corner Flares (Unpainted)
2 – Side G-Fusers (Flared Version)
6 – Metal Brackets w/ Mounting Hardware

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 8 × 8 in