Aero Fenders [ Project-G ] – 1990-1997 Mazda Miata


Project-G Aero Fenders for NA
$750 MSRP

Mazda Miata 89-97 (NA)


From late 2010 Project-G started down a slow road to their vision on the front fenders for the NA out of necessity. First concentrating on the top profile to get the look we were after, and at the same time gaining the clearance we needed. Mid 2012 hit and one of the fenders suffered some damage, so it was time to get busy on this ongoing project.

To the unsuspecting observer, the fenders look to be factory. To the enthusiast, there is a lot going on here. They swallow up 15×9 +0 wrapped in 195/50’s with ease. (15×9-8 pictured) We kept the edges smooth and clean as to minimize the chances of catching a tire on the lip and shredding some expensive rubber or even worse, ruining a fender.

Our recess behind the wheel was conceived with our corner flare in mind. We feel the compliment each other rather nicely and add to that subtle, aggressive look we are always after.

Weight Savings:
OEM Fender = 6.4 lbs each
Prototype Fiberglass Fender = 2.1 lbs each

*These are produced to order, ETA on shipping is approximately 21 days.



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