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Bauer Hard Anodized Adjustable Cam Gear Sprocket Set – 1989-2005 Mazda Miata


Hard Anodized Adjustable Cam Gear Sprocket Set [Bauer] (Set of 2) – 1989-2005 Mazda Miata
$109 each ($220 a set)

Mazda Miata 89-05 (NA/NB)


Bauer Production:

Adjustable Cam Gear with Triggers. Fits 1990-2005 Mazda Miata. These are quite different from all the existing ones because of the hard anodized coating. It will be much more durable and tougher than the regular aluminum counterparts that are out there.

Step up your cam game!


K&N Air Filter Replacement (Drop In Element) REUSABLE – 1989-2005 Mazda Miata 33-2676 33-2034

$59.99 $47.99

K&N Air Filter Replacement (Drop In Element) REUSABLE – 1989-2005 Mazda Miata 33-2676 33-2034

Mazda Miata 89-05 (NA/NB)


These air filters flow much more air than the factory paper filters. Also, these are reusable, K&N offers a cleaning and reoil kit that will make this filter be the last one you have to buy for your car.

This is an oem replacement air filter. Comes ready to use. REMEMBER! You air filter needs to be changed every 15,000 miles. Don’t forget at 30,000 miles to change plugs, air filter, and fuel filter.

  • Designed to boost horsepower and rate of acceleration
  • Can be cleaned and used again
  • High air flow with exceptional filtration
  • Lasts up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions
  • Works with original equipment manufacturer vehicle electronics
  • Emissions legal in all 50 US states
  • Will NOT void vehicle warranty
  • Million Mile Limited Warranty®

The K&N 33-2034 Air Filter fits some Eunos 100, Ford Escort, Ford Escort GT, Hyundai Excel, Kia Sephia, Mazda 323, Mazda 323 IV, Mazda Familia, Mazda Miata, Mazda MX-5 I, Mazda Protege, and Mercury Tracer models. See vehicle applications link for details.

K&N’s replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. We make over 1,200 different replacement air filters for the majority of vehicles on the road. These filters are washable and reusable and are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box. Their drop-in design means adding performance is simple. With most vehicles you simply remove the disposable air filter and replace it with a K&N. See applicable instruction sheet for details. Our stock replacement air filters for street vehicles are covered by our famous K&N Million-Mile Limited Warranty and will be the last air filter your vehicle will ever need.

Kraftwerks Rotrex Supercharger Kit (Complete w Injectors, Intercooler, Fuel)- 1989-2005 Mazda Miata


Kraftwerks Rotrex Supercharger Kit for NA/NB
$4000 MSRP

Mazda Miata 89-93 (NA6) 1.6L

Mazda Miata 94-97 (NA8) 1.8L

Mazda Miata 99-00 (NB1) 1.8L (VICS)

Mazda Miata 01-05 (NB2) 1.8L (VVT)


Here is the initial dyno on our 1994 Black NA8. This car has racing beat exhaust header, cat delete, full catback exhaust. 207WHP @ 159.5 TQ


These long awaited superchargers are finally here. This tip to toe kit includes everything you will need to complete the install. The installation itself is more of a one day type of thing. There are 100% reversible and requires no permanent modifications to your car. You do not need to cut or tap anything. Installation can go as quickly as 4 hours. These centrifugal supercharger systems really gives your car a new life. They are now ready to hold it’s on, even on the straight ways. Let us know if you are interested in one. We would gladly answer questions that you may have. 

This kit includes everything from Injectors to fuel pump.
Like all KraftWerks supercharger kits, Miata systems are based off of the impressive Rotrex supercharger and include everything necessary for a truly bolt-on installation.
At the heart of each KraftWerks Miata kit is the Rotrex C30-74 centrifugal supercharger. Rotrex’s patented traction drive technology works unlike any other supercharger, and means that power’s always available, all the way to redline. Results may vary depending on your car.
Each Miata supercharger system is a comprehensive design and includes all necessary components to ensure safe, reliable operation. Standard-issue with each kit is a large, front-mount intercooler to help ensure low intake air temperatures for optimal performance. All necessary aluminum tubing, silicone couplers, and clamps are also included for easy installation. Proper air/fuel ratios are ensured with the included Grams Performance fuel injectors, Grams fuel pump, and boost-dependent fuel management unit. Convenient, plug-and-play fuel injector adapters are also included, making each kit a true bolt-on experience.
Rotrex superchargers are renowned for their compact size, high adiabatic efficiency, low vibration, and quiet operation. Their unique traction drive technology is what makes all of this possible, which, unlike other  superchargers, transmits power through frictional forces between its rolling elements. Each Rotrex unit features its own self-contained oiling system that remains independent of the engine. Its dual-action oil pump supplies traction
fluid to the supercharger while the supplied cooler ensures proper fluid temperatures at all times.
The KraftWerks Miata supercharger system provides instant throttle response and a progressive power curve that increases all the way to redline without the typical spiking or surging turbochargers are known for. This unique, more
useable power curve results in reduced cylinder pressures, less strain on engine components, and increased reliability. Rotrex superchargers also operate much cooler when compared to turbochargers and other supercharger systems, which reduces the engine’s intake air temperature as well as its risk of detonation.
• Rotrex C30-74 supercharger
• High-flow front-mount intercooler (2.5 x 6 x 12 in.)
• Grams Performance fuel injectors
• Grams fuel pump
• Plug-and-play fuel injector connectors
• Boost-dependent fuel management unit
• Recirculating bypass valve
• Powder-coated aluminum intake and intercooler piping
• High-quality CNC-machined brackets
• Automatic belt tensioning system
• High-quality fasteners, clamps, and hardware
• Comprehensive installation manual
• MAF relocation system
• Reusable high-flow air filter
• High-quality silicone hoses and adapters
• Rotrex self-contained oiling system with oil cooler
• Retain all factory accessories 

Skunk2 Pro Series 64mm Throttle Body – 1994-2005 1.8L Mazda Miata

$399.00 $299.00

Skunk2 Pro Series 64mm Throttle Body – 1994-2005 1.8L Mazda Miata
$400 MSRP


Mazda Miata 94-97 (NA8) 1.8L

Mazda Miata 99-00 (NB1) 1.8L (VICS)

Mazda Miata 01-05 (NB2) 1.8L (VVT)


Skunk2’s 64mm Pro Series Throttle Body is now available for the Miata in their  exclusive, hard anodized finish. These high quality throttle bodies are quite larger than stock. They provide a lot more air flow as well as a very stylish design. These should directly fit on to your car. This is not a CARB exempt piece.

Stock Throttle Body is 56mm vs Skunk2 Pro Series is a beefy 64mm.

This throttle body will not add power until your build is above about 175whp. It can be installed to help prevent shaft failures that are common with the OEM body in sustaind use near 7000rpm.

Inlet pipe is 2.715″ O.D.

Skunk2 is proud to introduce its 64mm Pro Series Throttle Body for the ’94-’97 and ’99-’05 Mazda Miata in its exclusive, hard anodized finish. Skunk2’s 64mm Pro Series Throttle Body is designed to be used with the OEM intake manifold for bolt-on horsepower and torque gains by maximizing engine airflow.
Skunk2 throttle bodies undergo an extensive design and testing process to produce a throttle body that doesn’t just provide more flow but retains smooth drivability and OEM throttle characteristics. Each Pro Series Throttle Body is designed using the latest CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) tools, which results in a unit that exceeds industry standards. Pro Series Throttle Bodies are also CNC machined from forged, billet 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized for durability in Skunk2’s signature finish. Pro Series Throttle Bodies are also compatible with OEM throttle cables, which simplifies installation. Each Skunk2 Pro Series Throttle body also features sealed bearings for smooth operation and ultra-strong, upgraded shafts for ultimate durability. All necessary hardware and a new throttle body gasket are included for trouble-free installation.
A larger throttle body is key to producing additional power throughout the powerband on modified engines with increased airflow demands. Skunk2’s Pro Series Throttle Bodies for Miatas feature a large, 64mm bore, which results in significant horsepower gains throughout the powerband on heavily modified, naturally aspirated applications and even more on forced induction ones.

SIZE NOTES: The stock Miata throttle body is 55mm, but stock Miata manifolds are about 59mm. This TB’s 64mm opening has about 18% more cross sectional area than the OEM 59mm manifold opening and about 18% less cross sectional area than a typical 2.75″ (70mm) Miata cold air intake pipe. Thus, this TB’s 64mm ID provides a nice even flow transition going from intake pipe (70mm), to TB (64mm), then to OEM intake manifold (59mm). The upgraded Miata throttle body size of 64mm inner diameter works especially well with the less restrictive JDM flat top miata manifold (also 59mm opening).

-64mm Size
-Adapter plate & hardware for IACV(if needed)
-Easy to install!
-Plug and play no permanent modifications needed
-Sealed bearings
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Skunk2 Ultra Street Intake Manifold (Expandable) – 1994-2005 Mazda Miata



Skunk2 Ultra Street Intake Manifold – 1994-2005 1.8L Mazda Miata
MSRP 419.99 / Select Pro Series Combo to Save more!

*Product is shipping NOW! First batch is almost completely sold out.


Mazda Miata 94-97 (NA8) 1.8L

Mazda Miata 99-00 (NB1) 1.8L (VICS)

Mazda Miata 01-05 (NB2) 1.8L (VVT)


Finally! THE TIME HAS COME FOR AN AFFORDABLE MANIFOLD SOLUTION! ARE YOU TIRED OF PAYING $450 for some used parts from Japan? New from Mazda is $700. This manifold not only looks better, but it offers a lot of expandability. We have been running this manifold on our Red NA which is also running the Skunk2 Pro Series Throttle Body as well as the Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit.  We obtained 11whp by just adding this manifold to the car’s setup.

Skunk 2:

The Skunk2 Racing high performance intake manifold for the NA and NB Miata’s has arrived (1.8L). The unique 2-piece design modular manifold has been designed to be a bolt on replacement for the anemic OEM unit, incorporating a removable plenum lid that allows for easy disassembly, porting, and plenum volume changes through the use of our optional plenum spacers. The Skunk2 Racing Ultra Street Intake Manifold has undergone extensive in-house dyno testing and has shown consistent torque and horsepower gains on HOT N/A builds and all supercharged/turbocharge set-ups.

  • Modular 2pc Design with Removable 1.8L Plenum
  • Unique Mounting Flange Universally fits 1.8L NA/NB (Dual Pattern of Holes)
  • 66mm Throttle body opening
  • Fits ALL popular chassis configurations (not just race cars)
  • Eliminants obstructive VICS and VTS butterflies
  • Tapped with 1/8″ NPT, 1/4″ NPT and 10mm threads for accessories
  • Includes Thermal Intake Gasket and Throttle Cable Bracket
  • Tapered 10.00″ Long High-Velocity Runners with Raised Velocity Stack Entries.
  • Weighs Approx. 13lbs

More information coming soon.