Rev9 x Project-G | LA + OC Roadster Meet & Cruise COVERAGE

As part of the Rev9 North America Tour, we collaborated efforts to organize a much needed Roadster meet. Since OC showed good weather, we decided to take advantage of PCH. We kicked it off meeting at Peter’s Landing Marina (Huntington Beach) at 1pm. Everybody came out and there was many new as well as familiar […]

StanceNation SoCal 2017 (09-17-17)

Project-G / Super-G ┬áinvited to StanceNation to setup our Mobile Super-G R/C Drift Track as well as bringing in a couple of our Roadsters to rep the Miata community. We were the first ones there on Saturday morning to start the long setup process for the R/C Drift Track. Gio and his colleagues weren’t even […]

Kinod Anniversary Meet 2017

It was a wonderful treat to break away from our Super-G R/C Drift Arena and come out to Kinod. We haven’t seen some people in years! It was wonderful to come out and check out some Roadsters! A lot of new faces, a lot of old faces, but we all have one thing in common, […]

S2000 Bikini Top Project Update

After some long term testing and some set-backs with this project, the Project-G S2000 G-String is finally ready to hit the market. There are a few components that didn’t make the cut for us, but the OEM replacements are readily available, and solutions for the others are easily obtainable. The hard part is done and […]

RevLimiter Gauges (Reviewed)

RevLimiter OEM+ Gauges for NA (Steve’s Review) Since I’m a little late with my review, I’m not going to revisit the quality of the packaging. Just know all the praise you have read and come to expect from Revlimiter is all with good reason. Somehow, the quality and care that goes into the packaging just […]