Sideways Sundays 10/23/11 @ Irwindale Spedway

SidewaysSundays 10/23/11   This is our first time covering Sideways Sundays. It was a nice day, even at the hottest time of day, it was bearable! We saw a big community of drifting S13/S14’s out there today. As well as a few Miata’s that tore it up!   Falken brought out a few of their […]

Krispy Kreme Tuesday Burbank, CA Meet (Last of 2011)

We had the chance to caravan with a few KINOD Miata People out to Burbank for this LAST MEET OF THE YEAR edition of KrispyKremeTuesday. We got there a little early, and still the parking lot was already filled! As the night progressed on, cars kept coming and coming. Lots of different kinds of […]

JCCS 2011 Parking Lot Pimping (Parking Lot Coverage) Project-G came out to the JCCS Car Show, BUT on the way out, we realized there was a lot of parking lot pimpin’ going on! There was so many good looking rides, we couldn’t resist but to snap pictures of the spectators! Project-G came out to the JCCS Car Show, BUT on the […]

Japanese Classic Car Show JCCS @ Queen Mary 2011 (Event Coverage) Project-G came out to the JCCS Car Show. Every year they host an amazing car show full of Japanese Cars that just brings you back to a time were car’s were a little different. Seeing these cars reminds some of us when we saw them back in the day as kids. Maybe the younger […]